Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the official website of Amrod Corporate Solutions Proprietary Limited. Throughout this website and in this document, we will refer to ourselves as "the company," "we," "us," and "our."

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of our website, including the process of ordering, sales, and delivery of goods. By accessing or using this website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Our website provides a convenient platform for online shopping, offering a diverse range of products such as clothing, apparel, gifts, headwear, and display items. These products can also be customized and branded according to your specific requirements.


User Registration:

To access and utilise our website's services, all users must go through a registration process. This can be done by visiting the link https://new.amrod.co.za/ and submitting the required documents. Please be aware that a one-time administration fee will be charged for all registrations.

Approval and Account Setup:

After submitting your registration, our team will review the information provided. Once your registration is approved, and we have received the registration payment, you will be provided with your login details, along with a welcome pack and a user guide that will walk you through the various features and functions available on our website.


Inactivity on an account for a period of 12 (twelve) months will result in the account automatically being deactivated. Users will be required to follow the user registration process again.


Except as specifically permitted in these Terms and Conditions, you may not display, publish, copy, print, post, or use the Website or its information in any way. If you choose to advertise your products using information from the Website, you may only use images that are intended for promotional purposes. It is strictly prohibited to use any intellectual property from the Website to falsely represent yourself or your website as Amrod.


Placing Orders:

All orders must be placed through our online platform. We do not accept orders through any other communication channels.

Order Acceptance:

We reserve the right to accept or reject any order. Our acceptance relies on factors including product availability, accurate information provided (including pricing), and successful payment or authorization.

Limited Stock Availability:

Please be aware that the availability of our products is limited. While we strive to promptly update our website with current stock levels, we cannot always guarantee availability. If any item becomes unavailable after an order is placed, we will notify you and provide a refund.

Price Changes:

Prices shown on our website are subject to change without prior notice. Amrod retains the right to modify prices for goods or services offered. Any price adjustments will be communicated through written notice.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA):

Although we regularly update ETA dates for our stock, unforeseen delays in supplier, shipping, or customs processes may occur. Therefore, the accuracy of these dates cannot be guaranteed.
Lead times do not include weekends, South African public holidays, or Amrod's annual shutdown period.

Branding Requests:

In-house branding services are exclusively available for products procured from Amrod. These services are subject to additional charges over and above the product purchase price. Full payment for both the product purchase price and branding service charges is required before the commencement of the branding process. Please note that the embroidery branding method is not available to Jade Tier customers.


Accepted Payment Methods:

Our company accepts payments via MasterCard, Visa, and Debit cards. Please note that we do not accept American Express, Diners cards, or cash are not accepted payment methods. For orders exceeding R40,000.00 (including VAT), a 50% deposit is required within 24 hours of placing the order. Orders will only be dispatched once the payment is confirmed in our account.

International Payments:

Transactions from foreign banks may require a processing period of 4 to 7 business days. Orders linked to these transactions will be dispatched upon validation of payment in our account.

Approved Credit Facilities:

In cases where credit facilities are extended by us, refer to your credit application document for an overview of the respective terms and conditions.


Amrod Fleet Delivery:

For large orders within the greater Johannesburg area, we provide an in-house delivery service. Please note that this service is available upon request.

Branch Delivery:

Clients located within our branch jurisdictions have the option to collect their orders conveniently from selected branches. We strive to offer a seamless pickup experience.

Courier Services:

We offer the flexibility for customers to choose courier delivery through our website or use their own preferred courier service. Charges for this service are based on each order and can be viewed and requested directly on our website.

Air freight restrictions:

Kindly be aware that specific products, such as power banks, are not eligible for air freight destinations. Please take note of these restrictions when selecting your delivery method.


When placing your order for delivery to the UPS depo in Kenya:

The below refers to orders placed for delivery to the UPS depot in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Any client wishing to have their orders sent to Kenya using our delivery system will be required to give Amrod their PIN number for customs and clearance purposes prior to placing any orders. Amrod requires this number once off.
  • Delivery must be added when placing your order online. Delivery must be selected in the online cart, where you will be able to see the delivery cost (excluding clearance fees and duties) and make payment online. VAT will not be charged on the invoice.
  • Clearance fees and duties will be paid by you when the shipment arrives in Kenya.
  • Once delivery and goods are fully paid and ready, Amrod will send the shipment to UPS Kenya:
    • Outer Ring Rd
    • Nairobi
    • Kenya
    • Contact number : 0703011000
  • Tracking will be available on the Amrod dashboard for all orders.
  • You may contact UPS for additional tracking requirements should you require more information once goods have left Amrod Johannesburg (Head Office).
  • Delivery will take approximately 4 - 6 working days after the goods have been dispatched from Amrod Johannesburg, pending payment to UPS for clearance and duties fees. Goods will be sent by Amrod every Tuesday and Friday (excluding public holidays and annual shutdown days).
  • Once goods arrive at the UPS depot in Kenya, you will receive a notification from UPS regarding the duties and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) clearance fees that must be paid to obtain clearance before collection can be made.
  • Fees payable by you, as advised by UPS, once goods arrive in Kenya are the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) duties and clearance fees.
  • UPS will charge for storage if goods are not paid and collected within 3 working days of the shipment being customs cleared. You can open an account with UPS G4S for the clearance and KRA fees to be charged to, this will allow automatic billing to your account with UPS and alleviate delays in waiting for payment to be made. The shipments will be cleared and can be collected when advised by UPS. Payment of this account will need to be made within 7 days from the receipt of the invoice.
Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) Fees Applied by Kenya Customs
Invoice value Fee
Under KSh50 000.00 KSh1 050.00
KSh50 000.00 – KSh99 999.99 KSh1 550.00
KSh100 000.00+ 0.6% of CIF* with a minimum charge of KSh1850.00

*Cost insurance freight

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) Clearance Fees
Invoice value Fee
Below USD1 000.00 KSh2500.00 + VAT (16%)
USD1 000.00 and above 2% of D/T* with a minimum of KSh5 000.00
In addition to the above, an airport security fee is payable per invoice KSh250.00

*Duties and tax

UPS KENYA Storage Fees (applicable after 3 days of the shipment being customs cleared)
Per kg per day USD0.15 with a minimum of USD25.00


Order Cancellation and Damages:

Once an order is confirmed, it becomes a binding contract and cannot be cancelled. Any damages or shortages must be reported within twenty-four (24) hours of collection or delivery.

Cancellation Policy:

Failure to make full payment within ten (10) working days may result in order cancellation. For orders valued above five thousand rand (R5,000 excluding VAT) that are cancelled, a 15% handling and administrative fee will be charged. The company reserves the right to cancel an order and impose a 15% handling fee in case of non-payment. Orders that have already undergone the layout process cannot be cancelled after ten (10) working days, and a layout fee of one hundred rand (R100 excluding VAT) per layout will be charged. No cancellations will be accepted after final artwork approval and commencement of branding work. No future orders will be processed unless prior cancellation fees have been settled.

Faulty Goods and Returns:

If a product supplied by Amrod is found to be defective and/or covered under warranty, you must notify us within five (5) days from the date of receipt. It is important to promptly report any defective products or issues covered under warranty to the company within this time frame. Failure to do so may affect your eligibility for return or replacement.

Repair Returns:

Before repair work, a cost estimate will be provided to the customer for approval. Repaired items not collected within thirty to ninety days (30 to 90 days) after completion may be sold by the company to recover costs.

Returns Approval:

Written approval from the company management is mandatory for returning collected stock. Returns will only be accepted with the accompanying invoice/s. A 25% handling and administrative fee applies to approved returns of collected stock. No future orders will be processed unless prior cancellation fees have been settled.


Guaranteed Goods

Warranty coverage is available for new goods through Amrod-specific warranties or original manufacturer's warranties, however, it is important to note that certain goods exempt from product warranties may have latent defects, for which Amrod is not responsible.

Fitness for Purpose:

Amrod does not warrant that the goods are suitable for any specific purpose.

Liability and Repairs:

Our liability is limited to repairing or replacing faulty goods or issuing a credit of equivalent value. In case of returned goods with no fault found, all associated costs will be passed on to the customer.


Limited License:

By accessing this website, users are granted a limited, non-exclusive license to access and use the content provided for personal, non-commercial purposes. Users must not use, reproduce, modify, or distribute the content, including text, graphics, images, videos, and audio, without obtaining prior written consent from Amrod, except as expressly permitted.

Third-Party Content Disclaimer:

Some content on this website may be sourced from third parties. Amrod does not claim ownership over such content and acknowledges that it is subject to the intellectual property rights of their respective owners.

Trademarks and Logos:

The trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed on this website are the property of Amrod or their respective owners. Users are strictly prohibited from using any trademarks or logos from this website without obtaining prior written consent from Amrod or the respective trademark owner.

User Submissions:

By submitting any content, including but not limited to text, images, videos, or other materials, users grant Amrod the right to use, reproduce, modify, and adapt the submissions for fulfilling order requests. Amrod will not claim ownership of users' intellectual property and will not use it for any other purpose without obtaining explicit consent. Users are personally responsible for ensuring that their submissions do not infringe upon any third-party intellectual property rights. Amrod shall not be held liable for any copyright or trademark infringement arising from user submissions.


Your utilisation of the Website is undertaken entirely at your own risk, and you shall bear sole responsibility for any loss or risk arising from such utilisation or reliance on the information provided on the Website.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the content on the Website, we provide no guarantee as to its quality, timeliness, operation, integrity, availability, or functionality.

We hereby disclaim any liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential damage, loss, or liability arising from your access or use of the Website and its content, unless otherwise mandated by applicable law.

The Website and all information provided therein are provided "as is" without any warranty, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, completeness, or non-infringement, as permissible under law.

Any views or statements presented on the Website shall not necessarily reflect our views or statements.

We make no warranty or representation, whether express or implied, that the information or files available on the Website are free from viruses or any other harmful data or code that may disrupt, disable, or compromise the operation, stability, security, functionality, or content of your computer system or network unless arising from our gross negligence or wilful misconduct.


Amrod shall not assume any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages resulting from your use of the Website, inability to use the Website, or any unlawful activity on the Website or linked third-party websites.

By using the Website, you agree to indemnify and hold Amrod harmless against any loss, claim, or damage arising from your use of the Website or any linked third-party websites.


Our Privacy Policy outlines how our website safeguards the privacy of its users in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Collection and Processing of Personal Information:

We will only collect, and process personal information provided by users for specified purposes such as order processing, customer inquiries, enhancing user experience, and legal compliance.

Third-Party Disclosure:

We will not disclose or sell users' personal information to any third parties without explicit consent, except as required by law or to fulfil contractual obligations.

Security Measures:

We implement appropriate security measures to protect users' personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure.

User Rights

Users have the right to access, correct, or delete their personal information held by our website. These rights can be exercised by contacting our designated data protection officer via email, [email protected].

Use of Cookies:

Our website may use cookies or similar technologies to improve user experience. Users can manage or disable cookies through their browser settings.


By using our website, users acknowledge and consent to the collection, processing, and storage of their personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. Please refer to our website footer for the complete Privacy Policy.


If either Party is prevented or restricted directly or indirectly from carrying out all or any of its obligations under this Agreement because of the strike, lock-out, fire, explosion, floods, riot, war, accident, act of God, embargo, legislation, shortage of or a breakdown in transportation facilities, civil commotion, unrest or disturbances, cessation of labour, government interference or control, or any other cause or contingency beyond the control of that Party, the Party so affected shall be relieved of its obligations hereunder during the period that such event and its consequences continue but only to the extent so prevented and shall not be liable for any delay or failure in the performance of any obligations hereunder or loss or damages either general, special or consequential which the other Party may suffer due to or resulting from such delay or failure, provided always that written notice shall forthwith be given of any such inability to perform by the affected Party.

Any Party invoking force majeure shall, upon the termination of such event giving rise thereto, forthwith give written notice thereof to the other Party. Should such force majeure continue for more than 90 days then the Party who shall not have invoked the force majeure shall be entitled forthwith to cancel this Agreement in respect of any obligations still to be performed hereunder.


These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the Republic of South Africa including but not limited to:
Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECTA) 2002
Consumer Protection Act (CPA) 2008
Companies Act 2008
National Credit Act 2005
Consumer Protection Regulations (CPRs)
Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) 2013


Any disputes arising from or related to this agreement shall be resolved through arbitration. The Rules of the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa will govern the arbitration process, with the arbitrator(s) appointed by the Foundation.


If any clause or term of this Agreement is deemed invalid, unenforceable, or illegal by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining terms and provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect, unless the invalidity, unenforceability, or illegality fundamentally affects the essence of this Agreement.


Correspondence between the parties shall be sent to the following addresses:
Amrod Corporate Solutions (Pty)
Waterfall Commercial District
Cnr, Beatty and Pretoria Main
Johannesburg, 2191
South Africa
Notices shall be considered received under the following conditions:
If delivered in person during the recipient's regular business hours at their address, the notice is presumed received at the time of delivery, unless evidence to the contrary is provided.
If sent via email to the recipient's provided email address, the notice is presumed received on the same day as sending, unless evidence to the contrary is provided.
Regardless of any clauses stated, a written notice or communication received by a party shall be considered sufficient even if it was not sent or delivered to their chosen address.


This Agreement represents the entire understanding between the parties, superseding any prior agreements or representations, whether written, oral, or implied.
Neither party is bound by any terms, representations, or promises that are not explicitly recorded in this Agreement. Written documentation excludes data messages as defined in the ECTA, and "signed" refers to a handwritten signature without electronic intervention.
No changes or cancellations of this Agreement (including this clause) shall be valid unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of both parties. "In writing" excludes data messages as defined in the ECTA, and "signed" refers to a handwritten signature without electronic intervention.
No leniency or tolerance granted by either party shall be considered a waiver of any rights, and the granting party retains the right to enforce any rights against the other party, past or future.
This Agreement does not create a partnership, joint venture, agency, or employment relationship between the parties. Neither party has the authority to bind the other or create liabilities on their behalf.



We understand that clients require samples to close a deal.

Our sample policy is as follows:

  1. Samples are available for purchase and collection from our Johannesburg Showroom and through our online platform.
  2. All sample orders need to be paid for and collected within 5 working days from invoice date and if not paid and collected within this time they will be cancelled.
  3. Clients ordering samples from either Cape Town or Durban may have these sent overnight to the respective branches.
  4. Sample orders consisting of less than 10 line items that are placed online before 11h00 for Cape Town and Durban will be ready for your collection at the respective branches the following day.
  5. All sample orders that exceed 10 line items will be invoiced from our main warehouse and will be treated as a bulk order. These orders will require the branch delivery selection to be updated and payment to be made (and received by Amrod) for the orders to be sent to the branch.


  1. The following samples may not be returned:
    1. Those with an individual product price of less than R30.00 (excluding VAT);
    2. Any branded items; and
    3. Consumables and perishables.
  2. Samples with an individual product price of R30.00 excluding VAT or more may be returned for a refund or credit if:
    1. The sample items have not been used, worn and are not damaged.
    2. The items are in their original condition and packaging, damage to any part of the packaging will result in the samples not being accepted for return.
    3. The returned items should be accompanied by the relevant original invoice.
    4. The items should be returned within a week of collection.
  3. If the samples returned are deemed acceptable by Amrod, in its sole discretion, it will process a refund or credit note.
    1. It may take up to 7 (seven) days for Amrod to inspect samples;
    2. Refunds are only processed on Fridays;
  4. Sample orders exceeding 10 line items that need to be returned for credit will only be accepted at the Johannesburg office, to be returned at your expense. These orders cannot be returned to our other branches. We do not accept bulk order returns at any of our branches. Bulk order returns are subject to prior Management approval and are to be returned to our Johannesburg office (these will attract a handling fee).
  5. Jade tier clients may only return samples to the Johannesburg branch (at their own expense) and may only receive credit notes for successful return of samples. These orders cannot be returned to our other branches.
  6. For clothing samples loaned from our Bloemfontein, Botswana, Port Elizabeth, Kenya, Nigeria and Namibia showrooms, stock not returned within 72 hours will be invoiced for your account. If the clothing is branded, we will charge a pre-production sample fee to cover the cost of the branding on the unreturned item.



    1. All artwork should be uploaded onto our website for processing, alternatively, if your Amrod tier indicates that the artwork can be sent to us, please send it directly to the relevant Account Manager;
    2. All final layouts should be approved online
    3. COD clients are expected to make full payment and credit term clients should ensure that they have sufficient credit available
    4. Branding will only commence once the layout is approved and full payment is received.
    5. Branding lead times are quoted from the day after artwork approval and proof of payment is received, whichever is later.
    6. For expedited clearing of orders you are encouraged to pay for orders online through the payment portal that can be accessed on our website or if paying into one of our bank accounts, please use the order number as reference and e-mail your proof of payment to [email protected].
    7. All orders and the status of these can be seen and tracked on your dashboard, if you have any queries about these please contact us.
    1. Only PC format artwork will be accepted, vector artwork is preferred but artwork in the following file formats will be acceptable:
      1. .CDR;
      2. .EPS;
      3. .AI;
      4. .PDF;
      5. .FH.
    2. The following formats are not accepted:
      1. Word or PowerPoint files
      2. Gif and jpeg (under 600dpi)
    3. Artwork for multicoloured imprints must be sent as a colour separated file, save for in the instance of digital printing.
    4. If typesetting is required, clients must include font and size. To avoid font substitutions, all fonts submitted must be converted to “curves”.
    1. All artwork needs to be approved, branding will only commence once artwork has been approved and full payment for the order has been received.
    2. By approving the artwork;
      1. You accept the layout as depicted in the artwork, you have ensured that the item being branded, colour and size of the item are correct.
      2. Amrod will not be held accountable for any spelling or artwork errors on items branded in accordance to the approved artwork.
    3. Once artwork has been approved, no changes will be accepted.
    4. Printing colours will be matched as close as possible to pantone colours or swatches supplied, we do not guarantee a 100% colour match.
    5. We do not guarantee any print onto metal or ceramics.
    6. Additional fees do not apply to artwork received in the correct format however artwork received in the incorrect format will attract a redrawing fee of R200 excluding VAT. This fee will accommodate two further changes to the layouts, where after any additional changes will be charged for at R100 excluding VAT per change.
    7. Branding cancelled after layouts have been generated will be charged for at R100 excluding VAT per layout completed.
    1. Branded orders that are due to be completed between 16h30 and 17h00 will be dispatched to the relevant branches on the same day (provided that the branch delivery selection has been updated before 15h00 on that day).
    1. Unbranded bulk orders will be dispatched the day after both the payment has been received and the branch selection has been updated.
    2. If you place your order online, you can do so until 23h00 and your order will be dispatched the following day (provided payment is made and the branch delivery selection has been updated by 11h00 the following day).


  1. Where skins are available for sale as stand-alone items, Amrod is able to refit skins onto Amrod-purchased hardware from our Johannesburg Head Office. Should a client request that Amrod refit skins, the return of hardware to Amrod Johannesburg Head Office will be for the client’s account. Once complete, Amrod will send the items to an Amrod branch, within South Africa, of the client’s choice. Alternatively, the items can remain at Amrod Johannesburg for client collection.
  2. Refitting of skins by Amrod is subject to inspection of the relevant hardware. If the existing hardware is faulty or damaged, Amrod will not be able to refit skins.
  3. If the client is re-skinning hardware themselves it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the hardware is not faulty or damaged. Amrod cannot be held liable for skins purchased that cannot be fitted properly due to faulty or damaged hardware.
  4. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they order the correct skin for the correct display unit.
  5. Reskinning is specifically tailored to fit to Amrod display hardware. Amrod cannot be held responsible for any skins purchased to fit third-party hardware.
  6. All artwork must be created in CMYK and all pantone colours must be included as a pantone solid coated spot within the print file supplied. Please note failing this will result in no colour matching taking place. Please also note due to the limited colour range of various digital CMYK Print methods, not all pantone colours can be achieved. We endeavour to match as closely as possible, but, colour variation will take place on different materials like PVC versus Fabric.
  7. Fluorescent and metallic pantones cannot be matched. Only a tonal representation thereof can be achieved.
  8. Overexposure to sunlight will reduce the longevity of the print.
  9. We encourage you to take care of the display fabric and remove it from direct sunlight at all opportunities.
  10. Display fabrics purchased from Amrod come with a 3-month limited print fade warranty.


  1. Display hardware purchased from Amrod comes with a 3-year limited mechanical repair warranty.
  2. The warranty excludes display hardware that has been mishandled, abused or not used for its intended purpose.
  3. Display hardware that is under warranty and requires repair must be returned to Amrod Johannesburg at the client's own expense. All broken or damaged parts must be included.


  1. Manufacture of workwear products will only commence when the order is received and, for COD clients, full payment is received. Once a sales order is generated your order may not be cancelled or changed.
  2. Conti suit sets are sold according to industry-standard which directs that the pants in the set are 2 sizes smaller than the jacket. Conti suit sets will therefore be sold based on the jacket size, for example, if you place an order for a size 34, the jacket will be a size 34 and the pants size will be a size 30.
  3. Kindly ensure that sizing has been established correctly before placing an order with us as sets will always be sold as per the above.
  4. We will not accept any returns on unbranded or branded workwear items that have had tape specially applied as these are not ex-stock items. We will only accept returns on workwear items that are held in stock and readily available.