What Our Clients Say About Us

4 July 2017

Good Morning Lisa

I would just like to thank you again for the commitment, to have someone like you on the team is a great wow for any boss..


22 July 2017

Good Morning Michelle,

I am a new customer newly registered in Kenya. I would like to take this opportunity to commend Kay on her customer service and assistance for me throughout the registration process. She made it very seamless and once all documents received, she quickly got us registered. She has been very helpful throughout the process. she has been a great help.

Have a good weekend.


13 July 2017

Hi Banele,

Im well thank you, hope you also well.

Confirmed for two people.

Anusha thank you so much for your help yesterday, I feel so welcome at Amrod you are so efficient and friendly, you have made my life a breeze with the tutorial you gave me on online ordering and I cannot wait for the tour! :)

Kind regards,

12 July 2017

Dear Michelle,

I was just confirmed as a re-seller yesterday and I just wanted to single out Kay for the exceptional service. She was very helpful when I was trying to understand the nuances of using the platform and she made sure I was able to login to the portal without any issues.

I am very encouraged by my initial contact and I am hopeful for a great business future ahead.


10 July 2017

Good Morning Anusha

I hope you had a great weekend.

I would like to compliment and thank you for your assistance on Friday. Your helpfulness, product knowledge and advise was of great value.

Have a great week ahead.

Kind regards

26 June 2016

Good Morning Michelle and Omer,

I hope this finds you both well. The reason for my mail is to let you know what a valuable asset Mpho is to your business. She gave me the most incredible service last week going above and beyond for my company. As we know you are a very large corporation and often a small self owned business like myself can often be treated like a small fish in a very big pond. This was not the case with Mpho, whilst showing absolute professionalism she too showed an immense amount of compassion and understanding of the value my client is to me and how important it was for me to meet my deadline with client.

She was a friendly voice on the other end of the line going out of her way to help me whatever that took, this has made a lasting impression on me and went a very long way to ensuring my loyalty to your company. Your client service team could learn a valuable lesson from her. THANK YOU Mpho!

Have a wonderful day?

Kind Regards

22 June 2017

Dear Omer

Recently I have had the need to purchase goods again through Amrod for my clients.

For the first time yesterday, I had to do an exchange on garment sizing. The Client was keen to get the garments embroidered and to their staff.

I contacted Puleng as I was advised the process could take five days to enable credits etc but she was amazing. Proactive. Understanding. Responsible and made things happen. In a big Organisation like Amrod, she championed to deliver good service.

I want to give her the kudos and the recognition she deserves. Please convey my thanks to the Business and to her.


14 June 2017

I am extremely impressed with the service received from Mzwandile
I stood for 5 minutes in the Queue and his speed and efficiency in dealing with customers is world class and exceeds the norms of Amrod.

Thank you,

14 June 2017

Hi Jerusha

Hope you are keeping well, it was lovely to see you at Markex, I am not sure if you are the correct person to tell, but I have to compliment Marlene’s assistant Abegail, Marlene has been off and I am so blown away but the service from Abegail, she is so fast and helpful, we have loved working with her and she is doing a fantastic job! wish there were more of her!

Thank you

12 June 2017

Hi Soraya

I just want to say thank you very much for your kind assistance for the order that you processed for me last week. I have been dealing with Amrod for a couple of years now ( under different organizations) but I can proudly say you Soraya are the best client services person I have ever dealt with, by far.

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to working with you.

I received the goods and my client was very happy.


28 May 2017

Good day

I want to compliment your excellent employee Mpho Mokushane. Mpho went through great lengths to help me when my order was in turmoil.
I would like to thank Mpho for the excellent support she provided timely, and helpful advice regarding the challenge I faced. Mpho was extremely attentive and she listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience.

I would especially like to commend Mpho for her professionalism and superlative skills. Her attention to detail, great communication skills and ready to smile made the experience even better. Such service builds great working relationship. Good service makes a difference.

If I could, I would headhunt Mpho.

With today’s fast pace and the fact that most people who provide any type of service have more work that they can handle, good service may be considered as a very rare treat.

Kindest regards

17 May 2017

Hi Tammy

I see Whitney thanked you for your wonderful service and assistance with all the urgent orders. The short lead times are giving us a edge in the market.

It is really a pleasure with Amrod lately.

You are definitely the market leader at the moment.

Kind Regards

15 May 2017

The tour was very enlightening with so much to learn.
It was great!


11 May 2017

Thank you for the very extensive tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable,

Thank you :)

11 May 2017

It was very interesting and informative, really enjoyed it.
Great tour guide:)

Well done

11 May 2017

“WOW” :) what an awesome experience, an eye opener and great appreciation for the efforts that go into production.


4 May 2017

Very insightful and great to see thing happen behind the scenes.

Tour guides were awesome

4 May 2017

World class facilities. Awesome. Enjoyed the tour and learnt so much more than I know! Very knowledgeable tour guides with lovely personalities. Nothing more to add for now. Keep up the awesome work!


2 May 2017

Absolutely mesmerized by the system, great staff, great experience!
Thanks Mika


25 April 2017

I have learned so much and I have got a lot of new ideas to sell. Just saw the Digital Direct Print, it ROCKS!


25 April 2017

Very informative, detailed and highly interesting, tour guides are great and enthusiastic made t very exciting, I truly enjoyed the tour.

Thank you!

24 April 2017

It was very great, now I do know about the different branding methods, how they work and what must actually happen to get the job done. Great things.


18 April 2017

Extremely interesting and informative tour. All round an awesome experience. Amrod is a dynamic company with state or the art equipment and methods.


2 May 2017

Hi Banele,

I had my tour this morning and just wanted to give some feedback.

Our tour guide Mika was incredibly knowledgeable, as we as having a wonderful personality to keep you engaged in all she was saying, she knew every procedure piece by piece and in such great detail.

It was so incredible to see the systems you have in place and to finally be able to see the procedures.

I walked away feeling so excited. I feel honoured to have you guys as my supplier and I feel very loyal to you and your products.

Thank you for arranging the tour for me – I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it.

Kind regards

20 April 2017

Mpho you are STAR, you saved the day. We received the order – happy client – very…very…happy

I am a die-hard old school “Customer is King” person every customer is treated like royalty regardless of the size of the order – with all of the drama we experienced you understood that there was a problem and got straight into the solution – we are totally impressed – you truly lived up to your job title Customer Care Specialist, that’s what you are indeed a SPECIALIST – it’s your crown wear with pride.

Thanks a million….for the incredible service – please come to Durban branch?

PS: Tafadzwa – I was totally lost with you being on leave – just wanted you to know Mpho got us through

Regards & GB

19 April 2017

Good afternoon Vanishree and Omer,

In this day and age, people do not take the time to stop and say thank you. It is in view of this,I am sending you this email.

In the history of our business, (over 15 years) never have we ever received such outstanding service.
Busisiwe’s attitude is extremely professional and obliging. She has gone to the ends of the earth, to assist us this very urgent job, with changes regarding delivery at the very last moment. She is an absolute Super Star and a real credit to your company.

I think perhaps she deserves to be Senior Export Account Manager ?? .
Thank you Amrod, We're a very happy customer.

Thanking you.
Kind regards

30 March 2017

Good morning Tebogo,

Just a quick compliment to start your day with. Thank you for just making the whole process of reselling so much easier. You really go the extra mile with every order. You wont believe how frustrating it is to work with other trade only companies out there. Each time I struggle to get response on a mail, I just think to myself... I wish every company had a Tebogo.

That is all for now :D
Have a good one

16 March 2017

Good day, Excellent client service I am always astonished by excellent customers service we receive from Sugendree. every time she is re-leaving our account manager Lisa . We had several cases were we could loose the deals in term of delivery time but she actually provided solutions. You have a great asset a meticulous employee, she can be trusted with responsibility and can work well with clients. Her advice, recommendations and great communication skills helped us to delivery most of our orders and especially the biggest order we had in February. I would like you to thank her for that , and let her know that we are very grateful for her excellent customer service. when you have a position that require a responsible person please do consider her and I believe I am not the only client who can testify to this. I thank you, Regards, ANNAS

13 March 2017

Hi Janine,

This is just a small note to you and your team to say Thank You.
Often we take for granted the miracles Amrod can perform and tend to focus on the negatives.

We are highly appreciative of the hard work and timeless dedication you give our account and believe me when I say we know the pressure we put on you to get those impossible orders done.



01 March 2017

Great service and always a pleasure to come to the PE branch


01 March 2017

For Antenielle

Her approach and customer satisfaction is fantastic
Always willing to help and service with a smile! ?
It is such a pleasure walking into the despatch/showroom knowing she is there to assist
and guide us in the right direction with our needs

She is truly a magnificent lady and I would like to give credit where it is due ?


24 February 2017

Hi Tafadzwa,

My Zimbabwean lady working for me says your name means “happiness”- very true so
thanks for your effort and have a great weekend.
Best Regards


24 February 2017

Hi Manee

Thank you for all your hard work on this. I know how rigid the processes are so I really
appreciate the extra mile that you go for us everyday to make sure that we meet our
client’s sometimes ridiculous demands
We really appreciate you Manee

Kind Regards


22 February

Hi Manee

Gosh it is so great and easy to do.

Just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you and Jason and whoever else was inconvenienced by
our fellow reseller arriving at the warehouse demanding stock this evening.
I have chatted to her to say that although I understand that we all need to try to please
our customers, we need to be sure that we follow and respect procedure.
That is what makes you guys special, you care !!! We owe you.
Please pass my thanks onto the other people who were affected this evening.


22 February 2017

Hi Virginia

WOW that was fast, thank you sooooo much this is REALLY going to boost sales :-)


22 February 2017


Thank you for your hard work on this this order. Really appreciate it.


17 February 2017

Hi Andrea and Tumi

Thank you for pulling out the stops once again for this order, we have
received both the artworks and approved online.

You are simply the best!


16 February 2017

Hi Taliya

Our conversation this morning refers.

I would like to thank Mish for her wonderful and excellent service I always receive from
her. She always goes the extra mile and nothing is effort for her. If I phone, you can
hear she always has a smile in her voice.
With people like Mish, AMROD is my first choice and preferred provider

Once again, THANKS


10 February 2017

Hi Tammy and Portia

Thank you for always being on ball with everything!!!
Thank you for always being friendly and eager to help.
You make it very easy to work with Amrod.

Stay Awesome.. :)


09 February 2017

Hi Marlene

Judt want to say thank you again for helping with that order yesterday and getting it
picked in time. Truly appreciate it!!

Hope you have a lovely day.


09 February 2017

Hello Sasha,

I would like to make special mention of Rushaan Raffie and his tireless dedication to
customer service!

Nothing is a problem, nothing is too much to ask, and what he promises he delivers!

The online chat service is a great addition to the already world class offering from
Amrod but only the dedication of staff members like Rushaan makes it WORK!

Thank you,


09 February 2017

Hi Soraya
You are amazeballs!!!!

Thank you a gazillion times.


08 February 2017

Hi Tammy

Thank you ladies, I see my order is ready, Oh my Goodness...
You are AMAZING!!!!
Thank you so much


08 February 2017

Hi Maneeksha

Thank you for all your help - you are amazing at what you do :)


07 February 2017

Thank you Kay

You are really efficient.
Thank you for the great service do far.

Yours truly

07 February 2017

Hi Khenen

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for the great service over the last few days.
You have really tried to see that the orders are up to scratch, sorted out the problems,
taken my calls and been a STAR!
These past few weeks have been a real challenge with all the hiccups but I would be
amiss if I didn’t say that I have appreciated your help.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!


07 February 2017

A Big thank you Kay, Your service has been excellent.

Kindest regards

07 February 2017


Just wanted to say thank you. The gifts came out so stunning.


07 February 2017

Good Morning Amit

Just popped in to say your staff are the best.
Portia made my day this morning - we had such a good chuckle.

Enjoy your day

07 February 2017


Maggie Thank you for going the extra Mile and making this happen SERVICE AT ITS BEST…


Thank you kindly